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Thank you for your interest in Congregation Ohav Shalom

Congreation Ohav Sholom is a growing and vibrant Modern Orthodox synagogue. Congregation Ohav Sholom is made up of people just like you; Jews from all levels of observance who partake in social, cultural, educational and familial activities. Our programs of religious services, Hebrew education, adult education, and social functions are complemented by our commitment to social action and awareness of the community at large. Congregation Ohav Sholom is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of our religion, tradition and the State of Israel.

We embrace the future while maintaining a strong respect for the past, and are delighted to count some of our founding members still among our congregation. We have a vibrant congregation that has been consistent in its values for more than forty years. We know who we are as Jews, and we have remained loyal and steadfast to our original goals and our commitment to the State of Israel. This is the trademark of a healthy Congregation that is dedicated to a Jewish future not only for us but for our children and our children’s children.

There are so many ways in which you can participate at Congregation Ohav Sholom. Each member may have to come to Ohav for a different reason and with different needs and interests. With that in mind, we have tried to provide something here for each person at every level on involvement. The synagogue needs and welcomes your support and participation--no matter how small or large--in all areas of our religious observances and obligations, Hebrew School, children’s activities, social activities including Sisterhood, Men’s Club and Culture Club and more!

We believe strongly in the education of our children, imbuing them with a love for our tradition and a love for learning. Many of our families send their children to Hebrew day schools, notably Hebrew Academy of Five towns and Rockaway, and Hebrew Academy of Nassau county, and the Solomon Schechter School, while other families take advantage of our wonderful Hebrew School at which the children receive a strong Jewish education from ages 4-13. They learn to read and write Hebrew, learn about charity, Jewish heritage and the meaning of prayers and traditions. Once their Bar/Bat Mitzvah has been accomplished, they may attend the community-wide Hebrew High School. Oh, and did we mention that every Bar/Bat Mitzvah has a unique date?

A synagogue is more than a physical structure. Our synagogue is as much--if not more--about its people, as it is anything else. From our Rabbi and Executive Board to our dedicated volunteers and general members, we are all pleased to be a part of Congregation Ohav Sholom and we hope that you will join us.

If you have any questions or would like to visit us and need Shabbos Hospitality, please do not hesitate to call the Synagogue office, (516) 378-1988, or click here to contact us online.